We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and our movie theater.  The theater is owned and ran by Jim and Vicki Moore.

In 2014 we were sucessful at becoming a "First Run" Movie Theater which means that we are playing more movies upon their opening instead of waiting until they are 3 weeks old.  While still keeping a family friendly atmosphere, we also have been playing "Rated R" movies along with G, PG, and PG-13 to bring something to town for everyone.  With a broader spectrum of movies to choose from, hopefully more folks will choose to stay local for those movies that have only been offered in our neighboring cities.  Please keep an eye on the ratings for the movies we show to make sure they will be appropriate for those attending.  If you have questions about the ratings please visit www.mpaa.com for the specific details.

Long term plans for the future include updating our seating as well as breaking ground on a new vestibule, concessions area and a room specificaly for parties.  We would like to get those folks waiting for their tickets inside, out of the weather and make it an even more enjoyable visit while also increasing the vending area and food options.  New seating will make it more comfortable and enjouable for our patrons as well.
We have drawings before each show for prizes such as free pop and popcorn, posters, and candy. 

The Bijou Movie Theater employs a small team of highly motivated employees who want every show to be memorable for everyone and we thank you for your business. 
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Did you know....
that the seating alternates between adult and youth?  Every other seat is either a little smaller or a little larger than the one next to it.

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Senior/Adult/Child Admission: $6  (cash or card)
Age 2 and under are free

ATTENTION:  There must be someone in attendance at showtime for us to play the movie.  If no one is there when the show is scheduled to start, we will close. 
Soft Drinks                                    Popcorn
 12 oz.
Kid's cup-$1.50 each
 16 oz.
Small-$2.00 each             24 oz. Small-$2.00 each
 22 oz.
Medium-$3.00 each          32 oz. Medium-$3.00 each
                                             64 oz.
Mini Monster-$4.00 each
 36 oz.
Large-$4.50 each             85 oz. Large-$4.50 each
 44 oz.
Monster-$6.00 each               120 oz. Monster-$6 each
          Kids Cup Refill $.50            Mini-Monster Refill $2.00
          Monster Refill $3.50           Monster Refill $3.50
You are welcome to refill your Monster Buckets and Monster Cups from home, provided they are movie themed and clean. We do reserve the right to refuse refills of a dirty container.  Please do not bring in Tupperware, Rubbermaid, convenience store cups, etc.

We expect out prices to remain steady at this time so you can still have an inexpensive outing the whole family can enjoy.

Thank you.

Copyright 2013 Moore Family Enterprises, LLC.
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The "Shop Small Saturday"
Free Movie Program for 2014 was a success!

Be sure to watch for more free movies in Dec, 2015! 
The Free Movie Sponsors for 2014 were:

*Cornell College Office of Intercultural Life
*First Street Community Center
*Mount Vernon Bank & Trust
*Bijou Movie Theater
*Mt. Vernon Parks & Rec

Thank you!

Check out our new Avengers: Age of Ultron "Mini-Monster" popcorn buckets!  They are half the size of the Monster & refills are only $2!! 
    *Supplies are limited*